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Promoting positive brands and products.

Human Connection is focused on a better society but also on ethical trade. Products and services are part of everyone’s life so we believe the commercial world has to be linked to the social world. Because of our mission and values, our marketing services are only available for brands, products or services with a positive social impact.

Connecting brands to real people.

The modern customers feel the need to identify themselves with the advertising they see and hear. Through the podcast format, we give a more human image to your brand, interviewing real clients and producing real testimonials. Again, this service is only available for brands, products or services with a positive social impact.

Socialize your brand.

Developing a socially responsible product is not always enough. Connecting brands to institutions and organizations is essential for public recognition of the social value of products and services. Human Connection is a strong partner in the field of social marketing as it has a privileged connection to this world. We also organize corporate volunteer programmes in partnership with NGOs and promote them through podcasts.

Corporate social responsibility programs

A brand is much more than a line of products or services. Each brand has its own identity that is reflected in its strategy for society and the world. It is this unique vision that distinguishes the best companies and market practices from the rest. It’s time to show the public your social projects.

Different solutions for different goals.

The podcast format is highly versatile. Depending on the objective, we can organize interviews or debates that promote specific aspects of a brand or product. Guests can be ordinary people, experts, organizations or even other brands. It all depends on you.

If you like our approach to marketing and today’s world, feel free contact us!
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